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Organization of a training


We send every participant a notification email three weeks before the training with the following information: complete address where the training will take place, start / end times, and access maps.

ORSYS may be required to postpone a training session in case of an emergency or if there are not enough participants


Training will generally take place from 9am to 12h30am, and from 2pm to 5h30pm.

On the first training day however, participants are expected at 8h30 as the introduction to the session will take place from 9h15 to 9h30, and the training itself will start at 9h30.

Workshops of 4 or 5 days will end at 15:30 on the last day.

The best accessibility

We always make sure than accessing our training locations is as easy as possible, positioning these a few feet away from public transport. Public or private car parks are also usually available for participants.

We constantly strive to improve the accessibility of our premises and training for people with disabilities.

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