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Our commitment to quality

Our aim is to ensure that our training programs meet your requirements. Our commitment applies to all aspects of our courses.

Personalized advice

ORSYS educational team and our industry experts are here to help you develop your training plans, select the right courses, design your trainings and tailor-made trainings with you.

Highest Quality of Training Program Creation

We choose only the best expert trainers in order to ensure their professional knowledge is 100% up-to-date by checking the relevance of topics covered and guaranteeing dynamic and interactive teaching methods.

Maximum reliability

ORSYS has implemented more than 50 procedures to cover all steps of training programs, from the design of the courses, through to the organization of the scheduled sessions, up to their delivery and their evaluation.

Quality report

A quality assurance team systematically analyses all the training feedback and evaluations. Together with the expert trainers and the educational team, the quality assurance team implements appropriate measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guarantee

97.4% of the customers said they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’. Our training consultants make sure that the remaining 2.6% receive a response that allows them to achieve their objectives as soon as possible. Whether we decide to offer an extra day of training, participation in another course or even some individualized coaching.

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