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Content and Educational methods

At ORSYS, we set the standard for designing, planning and administrating training programs. Each course is constructed using rigorous methods in order to optimize knowledge transfer. Each training program is structured to maximize progression in order to ensure you reach the required level of professional efficiency.

Quality Assurance and Training Accreditation

ORSYS’ education team is composed of specialists with many years of experience in their respective fields, in charge of quality control, they evaluate all programs and the arrangement of the courses to make sure they meet rigorous requirements. Our team also approves the knowledge, experience and educational skills of expert trainers.

Trainer Accreditation

The accreditation stage is of key importance for all experts who wishes to work with ORSYS and also for each new course that this trainer will deliver. We investigate:

  • The trainer’s business expertise
  • The trainer’s educational experience
  • The trainer’s functional experience
  • The trainer’s independence
  • The trainer’s behavior, motivation and ability to adapt to the ORSYS working culture/li>
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