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In-House and Customized Training

All training programs listed on this website can be organized within your company. Our training consultants, our educational team and our experts in each field are ready to help you choose the right training for you and to adapt it to your needs. They are even happy to craft entirely new training programs which perfectly match your needs and background.

Responsive Organization

A dedicated team will take care of the organization of your training. This team works in line with strict procedures and ensures that they are carried out properly. They take customer requirements and specifications into account, select the trainers, organize the training and analyze the results.

In-House Training from the Catalogue

If the training requested is in our catalogue, a quotation is sent within 48 hours. If we will be required to modify the program, a quote will be sent within 5 working days. This deadline can be extended if a number of different courses are to be implemented.

Classrooms and Equipment

In-House training can take place at any ORSYS location or we can come to your location.
Our logistics and technical teams will support your services to ensure that the equipment and systems fit the requirements for each specific training course.

Customized Training Programs

Our educational team, our expert trainers and our consultants are at your disposal to help you design the perfect training program that will both render the functioning of your team more efficient and give the members a much-needed boost

The Development of Customized Training Programs

Your ORSYS consultant will set up an interview with the trainer in charge of the desired program in order to clarify the training objectives and evaluate the workload necessary for its preparation. As an expert in the field, they analyze the specifications of the training and the profile of the participants, they then work out the detailed specifications with you.

Customized e-Learning

If you require a training program specifically tailored to your business, and based around e-learning, videos or even games, the at ORSYS we are able to offer unique solutions. We have the skills, expertise and tools to develop effective digital training programs under the best conditions, all while maximizing performance for the best price.

Major Projects

At ORSYS, we have all the necessary technical and logistical capabilities to design and implement large educational projects at multiple locations and across several teams. Training sessions can be conducted in French as well as English, and can be conducted in numerous different cities.

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