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Blended trainings

Over the past few years, many techniques have been developed to offer training programs anywhere and combining different means, all while taking the availability and the ability of the individual into account. We can blend different training formats such as classroom courses, e-Learning, case studies, workshops, serious games, quiz, tests, etc.

On-site training

Our public courses can take place in one of our twenty-two training centers or in any other location. Our classrooms are spacious and bursting with natural light. Corporate training programs can also take place at our premises, in hotels, within your company or any other suitable place you may choose.


This method combines interactivity and remote training. You can follow it live or access a pre-recorded session. During the webinars, attendees can use the chat online to comment on the trainer’s presentation and ask questions. If there are many participants or if different languages are required, moderators will summarize, gather and translate the questions and organize them by topics before forwarding them to the trainer. At the end of the webinar, the presentations and multimedia material are sent to the attendees.

Virtual training

Whenever possible, a training program can be delivered remotely. ORSYS can provide equipped classrooms which allow you to take part virtually in an on-site training while it is taking place elsewhere. This option saves time and is cost effective. You will receive a kit which includes the training material as well as the documentation to set up the software you will need to use.
Everything is checked before the training session to make sure it runs smoothly.

Multimedia sessions

This option consists of 20 to 40 minutes slots of interactive content, sound and video.


Factsheets summarize the main aspects to remember for each topic by explaining the basics of a technique or a concept. Tool-files are also available to help you in your daily professional activity.

Knowledge Tests

Quizzes help you assess prerequisites and skills but also to measure the effectiveness of training programs and compare your results with the objectives originally set.

Serious Games

A serious game is a video or interactive game which allows you to learn and gather insight all while being entertained


Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online training modality, generally an extended one, that uses the tools of Web 2.0 to share and exchange.

Video training

These are videos of case studies, expert testimonials, real live situations, operational tutorials and complete courses. Some e-Learnings and on-site trainings include this tool.

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