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Project Management

Driving a project is a complex operation as shown by the difficulties encountered in practice. Designed on the basis of the concrete experience of stakeholders, Orsys' courses will give you the means to carry out your projects while meeting the legitimate demands of functional quality, delivery and cost. Our courses take into account the standards recognized internationally such as PRINCE2® or PMP® . Some courses are dedicated to preparing and passing the examination of the different levels of certification.


Project Management: The Basics, 3 days (Ref. PNI)  best orsys        

Project management, the essentials for managers, 2 days (Ref. GPG)          

Occasional project manager, 2 days (Ref. CPO)  best orsys        

Writing up specifications, 2 days (Ref. CCH)          

MS-Project, introduction, 2 days (Ref. MPI)  best orsys        

PMI, Project Management overview, 5 days (Ref. PPC)  best orsys        

PMP Credentials, 2 days (Ref. PPR)  best orsys        

Prince2®, Foundation, certification, 3 days (Ref. NIR)  best orsys        

Prince2®, Practitioner, Certification, 2 days (Ref. PRI)  best orsys        

Prince2® Combined, Foundation & Practitioner certifications, 5 days (Ref. FUP)  best orsys        

AgilePM® Foundation, certification, 3 days (Ref. AGM)  best orsys        

Multiprojects Management, 3 days (Ref. GMP)          

P3O®, Foundation, certification, 3 days (Ref. PTO)          

P3O®, Practitioner, certification, 2 days (Ref. PRA)          

Team Management, 3 days (Ref. ORG)  best orsys        

Managing Service Providers, 2 days (Ref. MGS)  best orsys        

Building constructive non hierarchical relationships, 2 days (Ref. DHC)  best orsys        

Management Conflicts in your Team, 2 days (Ref. COF)  best orsys        

Make Every Meeting Matter, 2 days (Ref. CRE)  best orsys        

Optimize your communication, 3 days (Ref. COM)  best orsys        

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