Over 220 seminars designed to update you on applications, innovative concepts, recent technological advances and managerial approaches to integrate into your practices. A great opportunity for discussion and for sharing experiences, these seminars highlight the pitfalls to avoid and provide you with information to help you succeed with your projects.

Who should attend ORSYS seminars?

Business leaders, decision-makers, CIO and their collaborators.

What do the seminars promise?

To update you on leading-edge concepts, solutions and implementations in areas such as new technologies, digital transition and management.

How does ORSYS keep this promise?

By constantly monitoring and researching the most significant advances in technology and management. Creativity, innovation, rigour... The objective of ORSYS seminars: to bring you the best in terms of updated information and operational solutions!

Who runs the ORSYS seminars?

Leading experts, project managers and high-level consultants who have held positions of responsibility in companies and managed large-scale projects. Aware of the latest technological advances, they know how to combine expertise, ability to synthesise and teaching skills to pass on their knowledge and field experience.

Why choose an ORSYS seminar?

The objectivity of the proposition

ORSYS enjoys complete independence from schools of thought, publishers or economic stakeholders and provides you with the highest degree of objectivity in terms of evaluating solutions and making recommendations. ORSYS offers content with no bias and with no double talk.

Rigorous preparation

The seminars are prepared by the ORSYS educational team and the expert trainers who are responsible for their design and delivery. Detailed and precise programs define their objectives and their content, thus forming a coherent and comprehensive whole which addresses all of the conceptual, strategic and operational aspects.

Reference materials

At the beginning of the seminar, you will receive a comprehensive manual including a lot of information and references that are useful on a daily basis in digital format so that you can follow the course on your laptop, if you so wish.

An exceptional setting

A great deal of care is taken in relation to the venue: the seminars take place in quality hotels close to transport hubs: Claridge, Hilton, Pullman, Renaissance, etc. Coffee breaks and lunches are provided, and these breaks offer special opportunities for discussion with the other participants and for comparing your experiences.

Over 200,000 professionals trained

This shows an insistence on quality which has been a constant over the years: 97.5% satisfaction rate. Whether in relation to the content, the solutions presented or the performance of the trainers, our seminars bring real added value and provide valuable assistance to help you achieve success with your projects.