An operational educational approach focused on practice and exchanges

Training is first and foremost a transfer of knowledge and experience, which is why people are at the heart of our educational approach. Our teaching engineers, expert trainers and training consultants work together to ensure that the participant plays and active role in their own training. They support the participant at each stage to ensure that they progress, that their learning is anchored and that they can directly apply what they have learned in a professional environment.

The 5 pillars of our educational approach

1- Personalised training

While our training courses all pursue the same objective - to support the development of your profession and your career via the acquisition of new skills and practices - your needs are specific. Our teaching team intervenes at different stages of your course to adapt the training to your goals:

  • Needs analysis prior to the training to clearly identify your expectations
  • Verification of each participant’s prerequisites at the start of the course via a round table organised by the trainer, who then adapts the training content and activities accordingly
  • Regular progress reviews to monitor the achievement of each person’s objectives
  • Individual action plans proposed at the end of the course to monitor your application of what you have learned, etc.

2- Interactivity

Learning is enriched by a diversity of experiences, which is why we encourage interaction between participants and with the trainers. Our courses are designed to promote exchanges, discussions and collaboration, and we value the contributions of each participant. Finally, we use interactive teaching methods such as case studies, role plays and practical exercises to stimulate active learning and critical thinking.

3- A practical approach

We all learn better by doing, which is why we favour the systematic application of knowledge. Our trainers are experts in their field. They share their feedback, get you to work on real case studies rooted in your professional reality and offer you simulations drawn from the field. This active approach strengthens understanding and mastery of concepts, promotes the anchoring of knowledge and appropriation of learning and helps you to become increasingly independent in your career path.

4- Support at each stage

At ORSYS, you are never alone! Our teams accompany you at every stage of your training course.

  • Before the course: your training consultant assesses your expectations and needs and identifies the appropriate ORSYS courses and programmes. They provide you with information on the necessary prerequisites and the tests to be carried out beforehand. You may also be offered digital activities (e-learning modules, mobile learning, videos, etc.) to prepare your training day as well as possible.
  • During the course: the trainer informs you about the programme for the day and the content of the course. They teach the course by alternating between theory and practice in order to maximise your attention and learning. A dedicated team is at your disposal for any technical or logistical questions and a hotline is available for remote classes.
  • After the course: find all the resources necessary to consolidate your learning in your MyOrsys space: course materials, memo sheets, e-learning modules, self-assessment tools, etc. You can also exchange with your instructor, ask them questions or share information about the progress of your projects. Quality follow-up of the course is provided by your training advisor, who may propose corrective action in the event of proven dissatisfaction.

5- Flexibility

Because each participant is unique, we offer a variety of learning methods: face-to-face, distance-learning and online training. This flexibility allows you to choose the method that best suits your needs and constraints.

Our teaching team, expert trainers and training consultants are at your disposal to build customised solutions tailored to your business and organisational needs.

The different stages of a training course

An infographic with everything you need to know

Our teaching tools

Different teaching methods are used to anchor learning for long-term retention, stimulate collective intelligence, develop teams’ potential and tackle technical and business issues in a fun way. These tools and methods, which have been tested and approved for our catalogue training courses, are also available on request for your customised training projects.


Educational games that enrich one or more learning sequences

  • Objective: to increase attention span and help people retain information and knowledge through games
  • Duration: from 10 minutes to two hours
  • Our offer: Agile games, mixed reality activities, board games, etc.

Immersive experiences

Courses that immerse learners in unusual, fun or sporty situations.

  • Objective: to capitalise on experience and strengthen learning in a real-life situation
  • Duration: from one half-day to two days
  • Our offer: educational escape games, improvisation theatre, storytelling, change management with photography, musical team building, immersive pathways

Collaborative workshops

Workshops in which a group mobilises collective intelligence.

  • Objective: to encourage the emergence of innovative solutions by stimulating collective intelligence
  • Duration: from two hours to two days
  • Our offer: design thinking, co-development, world café, appreciative inquiry, meetups, creativity laboratory, coding dojo, etc.