Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

Whether it emerges from the company’s information system, social media, or connected objects, data is the precious resource of the digital economy. The proliferation of this data and how it is used, commonly known as “big data”, offer unparalleled potential to be sources of value for businesses and their clients. New types of jobs have emerged, such as data scientists and chief data officers. These are experts tasked with implementing the necessary architectures and infrastructure, collecting data, processing it and turning it into usable information through new indexing techniques. Big data has become even more important when combined with artificial intelligence. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are particularly capable of optimising their processing as they go along, offering new options for data mining and decision-making. Beyond that, AI is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, upending numerous fields such as transportation, medicine, telecommunications, industry, trade, and more.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

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    AI, machine learning, and data analysis 4 courses

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning are upending numerous sectors (science, industry, medicine, and more). Different learning algorithms applied to big data enable AI to burrow a little deeper each day into decision-making processes. Orsys offers courses that make it possible to understand the key concepts of AI in order to learn the basics needed to properly incorporate it into a digital strategy.

    Big Data, NoSQL 6 courses

Given the quantitative explosion of data being produced and collected, statistics, NoSQL technologies, and data mining offer companies opportunities to generate value. Orsys offers proficiency and technical solutions that can process these large volumes of data (MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Cloudera, Flink, ELK, Talend, etc.), from administering the infrastructure of the solutions to organising, analysing, and visualising that data.