Human resources

The role of human resources is constantly changing. It focuses on both the tensions and expectations of everyone, and is increasingly positioned as a strategic partner to senior management. It must ensure that the company operates on a day-to-day basis while anticipating future needs and guaranteeing employability through the forward planning of jobs and skills. It advises all employees in how to carry out their duties and guides them through changes in strategy and the impacts that they have on operations. However, it must also adapt to digital challenges and reconsider its own ways of operating: No matter their specialisation, human resources staffers now process more data than ever before in order to bolster and support their decisions. Their work must also take into account new dimensions, such as the development of social media, the quality of the employee experience, and promoting the employer brand, all of which are now essential features of a human resources policy oriented toward helping the company succeed.

Human resources

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    HR management 3 courses

The effective organisation of a company presupposes both the strategic and the operational management of human resources. In addition to the human aspects, there are all the administrative aspects of personnel management, including legal requirements, social obligations, the employment contract, payroll, and more. Designed and taught by HR experts, Orsys courses cover these subjects in a clear and understandable way, while incorporating the latest legislative developments.

    Recruitment and jobs/skills management planning 1 courses

In a constantly changing environment, companies must implement an effective jobs/skills management planning policy. In particular, it enables them to anticipate the resources they’ll need and identify the skills they’ll need to develop or acquire to meet future challenges. Orsys provides training to help with the implementation of a jobs and skills management policy that considers individual, operational, and strategic issues within the organisation.

    Labour law and labour relations 2 courses

From a system of labour relations that was rather static some 20 years ago, a system based on negotiation is emerging today that tends towards greater flexibility. It is critical that everyone in the company understands their rights and responsibilities. Whether you are an HR or a staff representative, Orsys training helps you keep up with changes and prepare for all the problems that may arise.

    Quality of working life and occupational risks 3 courses

Quality of working life (QWL) and professional risk prevention can help teams and businesses be more effective, making them big issues in the world of employment. Orsys offers HR professionals and team managers alike suitable training to enable them to implement policies and concrete actions to promote wellness and safety at work.