Purchasing, general services, and logistics

The purchasing, general services, logistics, and transportation functions have emerged as the primary contributors to gross margin, customer satisfaction, and supplier relationship quality. They are critical pillars of support for the company`s strategy, development, business continuity, and implementation of its ESR policy. They entail, in their respective fields, technical, legal, and financial know-how, as well as communication, negotiation, and management skills, in order to meet the company’s economic, environmental, and societal challenges on a local and international scale. The Orsys curricula, which has been designed and facilitated by experts and professionals in the field, enable your employees to develop skills in all aspects of their missions, as well as to develop their expertise while taking into account the professional contexts of each.

Purchasing, general services, and logistics

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    Procurement 9 courses

Procurement divisions must co-innovate with suppliers, develop group purchasing, and incorporate digitalisation. The buyer’s relationship skills, as well as their ability to reduce costs and risks, are now key to gaining performance and agility. Orsys offers solutions for creating your own professionalisation course that covers the technical and behavioural means for developing skills.

    General services 8 courses

As a stakeholder in quality of working life, procurement departments assist in real estate projects, ensure ergonomic furnishings, and collaborate in the digital transformation of business units. These departments help fulfill commitments to reduce consumption and keep people and places safe, and are essential to deploying QSE approaches and CSR policies. Orsys has curricula to support the development of skills involved in all of these tasks.

    Logistics, transport, and the supply chain 12 courses